This new and exciting range of high quality speciality teas sourced from around the world is now available for foodservice outlets. If you would like any information regarding these products do not hesitate to contact the Ridgways team at sales@ridgwaystea.co.uk


A satisfying, hearty blend of fine teas from Sri Lanka, Assam and East Africa. A combination of teas true to the heritage of this famous and poular blend. The rich amber liquor delivers a subtle balance of warm malty notes and hints of ripe autumn fruits.


How to enjoy

•  Brew at breakfast time to accompany traditional dishes such as fried or scrambled eggs, baked ham, toast and marmalade, or croissants served with fruit preserves; also excellent at tea-time with ham, chicken or egg sandwiches, or with indulgent cakes and pastries.

•  Best enjoyed with a splash of milk.


Made from the leaves and leaf buds of tea bushes that grow in Darjeeling, in the foot of the Himalaya mountains of north east India, this is a light and delicate tea with floral notes and hints of muscatel grapes.


How to enjoy

•  Serve as a refreshing mid-afternoon tea with traditional; treats such as cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, scones topped with fruit preserves and thick clotted cream, creamy desserts and shortbread.

•  Best enjoyed without milk


A blend of black teas grown in the exotic and pristine Blue mountains of South India also referred to as Nilgiri. A flavoury, satisfying tea elegantly blended with natural oil of bergamot to give an uplifting, refreshing citrus aroma and flavour.


How to enjoy

•  Serve as an afternoon or evening tea paired with mild English cheeses, lemon cakes and tartlets, ore crème brulee and other creamy desserts.

•  Best enjoyed without milk



Said to have been discovered early in the 19 th century, Assam tea is a robust blend of black teas grown in India's north eastern province of the same name. A rich, malty, smooth tea with lingering hints of walnuts and plump raisins.


How to enjoy

•  Enjoy as a perfect breakfast and all-day tea that compliments richly-flavoured foods; drink at breakfast with bacon and eggs, at lunchtime with pasta, pizza or sandwiches, and pair with rich fruit and chocolate cakes at teatime.

•  Best enjoyed with a dash of milk



The origins of green tea date back over 3000 years and it is believed to contain beneficial substances for health as well as being a deliciously refreshing drink. Ridgways green tea is a delicately fragrant blend that captures the essence of this ancient tea. The pale amber liquor breathes hints of freshly-mown grass in a summer meadow.


How to enjoy

•  Serves with seafood, sushi and other fish dishes, Asian and Oriental foods with lightly-flavoured biscuits, cakes and sweet treats such as Turkish Delight.

•  Best enjoyed without milk



We also offer our Ridgways Earl Grey and Ridgways English breakfast in pack sizes of 100. Please note that these two products are a string and tag format but are not individually wrapped in envelopes.